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Just Do It Already: Blocking and Life

Just Do It Already: Blocking and Life

This weekend I went to see my sister in LA. Twin sister. Yes identical. No we can’t read each other’s minds.

We do, however, talk so much that we often know when the other needs to process something.

I was talking to her about my job, about my knitting posts, and, finally, very sheepishly, about my pipe dream.

She asked me why it had to be a pipe dream.

I got defensive and made up a bunch of excuses. We went back and forth for a long time and I got emotional because I was scared of what trying for that pipe dream might mean, about what failure might mean.

But eventually we came up with a plan to take one step forward into making that pipe dream a reality.

So I came home super inspired and I blocked this garment I’ve been dragging my feet with and it seemed rather like a metaphor. In both situations, I needed to "just f*cking do it already."

It felt amazing to finish this project.

I often will sit on a project that's 99% of the way done (just weaving in ends and blocking needed) for MONTHS. It felt pretty good to just finish it. Better, non-evening-and-poor-lighting pictures to come.

TBH, it also felt amazing to know that I’m teetering towards the right path.



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