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Beanies: A Love Story

Beanies: A Love Story

I love knitting beanies. They're quick to knit up, there is an endless supply of patterns out there to get creative with, and often, I'm knitting them for someone I love. 

When I sit down to create a beanie for that person, I begin with thinking about them. I meditate on their styling, and how they would wear the hat. After a bit of reflection about this person, I settle into the perfect pattern. 

For example, I'd never put my dear momma in a pointy hipster hat with a rolled brim. She wants something that will cover her ears on her morning walks, something made out of the softest wool you could imagine (she also swoons at beautiful cashmere sweaters--I wonder where I got that from) and something that's bright and fun to offset her black clothing (...I guess we're basically the same person.)

For my boyfriend it was a rolled-brim fisherman's hat in a gray-brown.

For my sister is was a heather gray cabled one.

For my friend's new baby girl, it was a tight little soft white beanie that barely fit around my fist.

This hat was for a friend of mine who defines her styling at 'classic with a twist.' She loves J. Crew and Ann Taylor styling but loves menswear shoes and backpacks. She loves her doggie desperately and is always on hikes with her. So I wrote up this pattern. A horizontal cable brim and a seed stitch in yummy malabrigo worsted.

She tells me she wears it all the time and I believe her. 



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