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The First Post

The First Post

So much effing pressure. 

Let's start with #OOTD because this new spiffy layout makes me feel like a stay-at-home flogger (fashion blogger...did I just make that up? Can I be one, one day?)

Today, I wore my recently finished Farmhouse Shawl to work.  


I work in an office next to a window (nice) that's poorly insulated (not so nice) so this kept me cozy. I only had to put on the space heater once. 

Project Notes:

I knit this up on US 9 needles with the madelinetosh Vintage superwash 100% merino wool in the "Candlestick" color way. Each skein comes in 200 yards. The skeins differed slightly in color, but when it's all wrapped up I couldn't tell that much. I will write another post specifically on madelinetosh's Vintage wool, but to sum it up in a single emoji *hands to the sky*. It's really perfect.

The pattern was great. It was very simple to follow--perfect for a beginner with a lot of time or an intermediate knitter looking for a simple, gratifying project. I worked on this one while watching season 2 of Narcos and when I wear it I still remember Pablo Escabar pulling up his pantalontes.

The fringe alone used almost a full skein (200 yards) so beware, being fashion forward ain't cheap. Isn't that right, floggers?

Embarrassing Selfie

Overall, it's squishy and drapes well and next time I will find a photographer instead of my hall mirror.

Thanks for reading the first post!