Photo by  Gretchen Powers

Places I've knit...

  • Backstage when I was in a play (I was eight)
  • At my kitchen table when I should have been doing homework (high school)
  • In the back of a taxi cab in Las Vegas (college)
  • On BART (commuting like a grown-up)
  • In a pedicure chair (because I'm worth it)

That is to say, knitting has been with me throughout my entire life. It's a craft I've enjoyed since I was kid and I've always carried with me. Knitting is not a craft for a particular type of person, nor is it just a "phase" (ahem, my dark eyeliner days). It's for everyone, for always.

Stitches Be Crazy is a playful place I started to share what I’ve learned and to connect with knitters, current or aspiring.

I share what I’m working on, tips and tricks, patterns I’ve written or modified, and general knit-talk.